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Hispanic vs. Latin


By, Al Sosa
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"Many people are confused as to the proper use of the terms Hispanic and Latin. Interesting discussion and article by Al Sosa can be found on the website . He talks about Spanish speakers are themselves in disagreement as to how these two terms should be applied. Both sides of this contentious issue feel very strongly about their positions and pose valid arguments. The following is an attempt to settle the issue in a scholarly rather than emotional fashion. The author believes that if we know what these words originally meant, it might be easier to draw the appropriate conclusions and use the words as they were intended to be used."

It is in the US that the terms Latin and Hispanic are often misapplied and confused. The terms mean different things to different people. In some areas of the US, for instance, Puerto Ricans and Cubans are considered Latinos but Mexicans and Colombians are not. In other areas Latin and Latino mean different things. I have even heard some individuals say that the term Hispanic was created by the "Anglos" in order to lump us all together and in the same breath say that the term Hispano is good because it tends to bring the Spanish speaking people together. Go figure.