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Resume/ CV...Know the Difference


Tomato -Tomahto (Resume - CV) Don't let them call the whole thing off!



Do you know the difference between curriculum vitae (CV) and a résumé and why it's important to have both up to date and readily available?

Know the difference between the two, when you are asked for your resume, submit a resume- your record of highlighted work history, a CV is a lengthy history of work and personal accomplishments.

Curriculum Vitae

Also Known As: CV, vitae
Alternate Spellings: curriculum vitea curriculum vita

cur·ric·u·lum vi·tae: A short account of one's career and qualifications prepared typically by an applicant for a position. Etymology: Latin, course of (one's) life.

A curriculum vitae is a written description of your work experience, educational background, and skills. Also called a CV, or simply a vitae, it is more detailed than a resume and is commonly used by those looking for work outside the U.S. and Australia. A curriculum vitae is also used by someone looking for an academic job, i.e. in a college or university. A summary of an individual's career experience and education. When a resume is sent to prospective employers, it should contain the job candidate’s credits, specialty credentials, and pertinent work experience as opposed to highlighting and emphasis on personal experience.


ré·su·mé: A brief account of one's professional or work experience and qualifications,
often submitted with an employment application. Etymology: French résumé, from past
participle of résumer to resume, summarize, from Middle French resumer.

For some people, a resume, by definition, is a "summary"--a synopsis of your CV, let's say. If you've ever tried to copy and paste your CV into a job board field with a 500-word limit you get the idea. For others, a résumé is the lengthy narrative and the CV is the summarized version. So if you're confused, obviously, you're not alone.