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  You know what candidates you want. Let us find them for you!

Sometimes it's better for someone else to do the searching. Our custom leads services provide just that. We collect candidate profiles from multiple sources that we own, organize the data, and then send the data directly to you based on your subscription.

Subscribe to only those types of candidates you are interested in based on job title and/or location. This service is especially useful for markets where candidates prefer not to post their information in resume databases. You can subscribe to receive any or all programs, disciplines, and states desired. Subscribing to a state means you'll receive local candidates as well as those anywhere in the country who are open to opportunities in that state.
      Therefore, a single hospital would subscribe to a single state, whereas a national staffing company might subscribe to all states. For travel companies, we can customize a travel specific subscription. The length of a subscription is customized on an individual basis. On a daily basis, we fax, e-mail, or FTP (your choice) candidate profiles to all applicable subscribers.

    Last year we sent more than 40,000 custom lead profiles of available healthcare professionals - physicians, nurses, therapists, and advanced practice clinicians. Talk to one of our sales representatives to find out what a custom lead service could look like for you. Call us at 844-724-7001.





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