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"Filling jobs with the best people while making progress toward affirmative action goals requires knowing how and where to find a diverse pool of talent with the skills and experience your company needs."- Equal Employment Advisory Council

PharmaDiversity Job Board strategically chooses organizations, job boards, and search engines for optimum reach. We focus on both industry specific, (pharma, biotech and healthcare) and minority and diverse organizations. We share information and feed all of our jobs to these “partners.” Our expertise allows us to choose the right sites that will produce the audience you are trying to reach. This is a very expensive part of what we do, so we monitor the results very carefully. This allows you to consolidate your online recruitment budget. Here is a partial listing of the organizations and online sites we work with. This list is not inclusive of all the sites, and changes occur periodically to achieve optimum results.


We also have confidential alliances that we do not display or have their logos displayed such as:


  • Regional medical job boards
  • Bi-lingual job boards
  • Civilian Job News paper and website
  • Campus Career Counselors
  • The Recruiters Studio
  • Net-temps-articles
  • College Recruiter-articles
  • The National Diversity Newspaper job bank
  • Pan Asian Groups
  • Black Colleges and Universities
  • Pharmaceutical Sales Representative Organizations
  • University of Phoenix- Job-fair participation
  • PharmRepSelect
  • Many others






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