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Associate Medical Director


As one of the world’s ten most-awarded healthcare advertising agencies, GSW Worldwide is hell-bent not to replace the same old with the same old.

This is achieved through a provocative premise – if other brands communicated the way healthcare brands do, how many customers would they have? GSW turns against this premise through discovery of beneath-the-surface customer insights that we impact with stories, simplicity, and authenticity. We call it "speaking people."


The Associate Medical Director (AMD) directs the medical/scientific strategy for multiple disease states and ensures the clinical relevancy/accuracy for all healthcare related communication vehicles within the accounts he or she oversees. The AMD is a cross-functional position and partners with account, creative (copy and design) as well as brand strategy. This position particularly works closely with brand strategy and creative in researching, reviewing, and writing scientific material. The AMD is responsible for building internal understanding of relevant pharmaceuticals, devices and disease states, as well as assessing the current and future competitive environment to ensure building on-strategy platforms for execution.

• Responsible for content development and high-level written output of science/clinically-focused materials (e.g. monographs, clinical reviews, etc.)

• Reviews available clinical data and market directions/needs to develop compelling concepts/stories that drive the brand and/or market

• Attends scientific/medical conferences and market research to gain insight into new clinical developments, market direction/competitive intelligence

• Alerts team/clients to new data, changes in practice or other market developments that may affect brand strategic objectives and offers solutions to meet the change(s)

• Maintains expertise in relevant therapeutic categories

•Partners with creative to give insight and direction to promotional and medical-promotional writing (e.g. sales aids, advertorials, etc.)

• Responsible for review of early-stage and end-output materials for medical/scientific accuracy and content

• Serves as a medical/science advisor to Account Services, Creative, Brand Strategy as well as clients

• Develops science-based strategic insight into the current and future therapeutic market to meet brand objectives for both current clients as well as new business opportunities

• Develops and supports scientific/clinical educational offerings to maintain and advance team members and clients

• Partners with Brand Strategy to offer the client value-added services such as competitive intelligence, literature reviews & evaluation, conference reviews and insights as well as developing new business strategies

• Position requires some travel

Job Requirements

• Advanced degree required: MS, PharmD, or PhD or other professional degree with relevant healthcare experience preferred

• At least 2 years previous experience in the pharmaceutical/medical/science industry

• Must be able to provide scientific and medical expertise across a broad range of therapeutic categories  

• Ability to communicate technical/medical information to a wide variety of audiences

• Must be able to work within a fast-paced, deadline-driven, team environment

Key Competencies for Position:

• Problem Solving: Uses logic and established methods to research, and retrieve critical data; is excellent at honest analysis; probes all sources for answers; can see hidden problems; looks beyond the obvious and doesn’t stop at the first answers

• Command Skills: Takes charge in challenging situations; does whatever it takes to get the job done despite resistance; takes unpopular stands if necessary; is looked to for direction in a crisis; is looked to as a leader

• Presentation Skills: Is effective in a variety of formal presentation settings: one-on-one, small/large groups, with peers, subordinates, and bosses; is effective both inside and outside the organization; commands attention and can manage group process during the presentation

• Management Skills: Able to manage internal and/or external medical writers, provide clear direction and expectations.

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Associate Medical Director

New York, NY
Full Time

Published on 03/14/2020