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Data Analyst, Health


The communications research group at Syneos Health is looking for a data analyst with statistical skills and a strong interest in the intersection between data science, behavior, and healthcare marketing. You will help collect, process/clean, and analyze data in support of data science projects while developing and advancing your technical and methodological skill set. Your efforts will contribute towards helping our clients understand how to be more effective and efficient in communicating about health choices.

About us:

Syneos Health Communications is a network of PR, communications, branding, and advertising companies that help bring new medical products to market.

We are expanding the group that helps the company’s clients -- biopharma companies -- make better marketing decisions using advanced quantitative methods. You will be instrumental in helping us build a better framework that meets the needs of our internal and external clients.

Types of projects

A small sampling of the problems we are solving:

  • Characterize a referral network of physicians and identify high-centrality nodes
  • Use historical data of promotional activities to forecast a range of outcomes of a new campaign
  • Identify factors that influence patients’ adherence to a treatment regimen
  • Rank a list of physicians by the driving distance between their offices
  • Create the shortest route for a traveling salesman that will result in the largest number of conversions

It is meaningful and challenging work in a team of supportive and bright colleagues. A lot of things will have to be invented and built from scratch. You will not be bored.


Get things done:

  • Processing/cleaning survey data and large patient and HCP centered data sets
  • Efficiently QA’ing, cleaning, and applying standard quantitative methods on data for first-pass analyses
    • Contribute towards the construction of analytic models
    • Present early results to internal stakeholders in support of larger data science projects
    • Help build and manage our analytic toolbox and code libraries

Make us better while advancing your skills:

  • Curate and process large scale data sources
  • Learn and apply new analytical methods and work within theoretical frameworks
  • Help automate boring research tasks
  • Continue your professional development through applied learning tasks

Job Requirements

We are looking for someone who has done similar work elsewhere. You will need to be good at:

  • Applying standard statistical techniques to large data sets using analytic software packages (Python or R, and SAS or SPSS)
  • Familiarity with data processing/cleaning techniques and software packages (Pandas)
  • Analyzing A/B experiments
  • Familiarity with Mechanical Turk HITs (HTML, CSS), AWS frameworks, and constructing db queries (SQL) a plus
  • Applying/interpreting hypothesis tests, regression/correlational analyses, cross-tab/frequency analyses
  • Creating visualizations through standard Python (e.g., Seaborn, Bokeh) or equivalent R libraries (e.g., ggplot) a plus

What it will take to succeed here

  • Ship: Executing the day-to-day tasks; delivering projects on time and within parameters
  • Skills and knowledge. Degree in STEM, experimental psychology, statistics, data science, economics, engineering, or equivalent field with advanced quantitative experience
  • Experience applying and interpreting statistical tests
  • Independent spirit, grit, and a knack for problem-solving in a fast-paced environment
  • Obsessive accuracy when it comes to numbers.
  • Drive: A willingness to advance beyond one’s analytic comfort zone, and pursue cutting edge methodologies. Requires a self-directed attitude, creativity, and familiarity with the business context of healthcare marketing.
  • Grow: Being able to collaborate and adapt in a rapidly evolving environment. Requires a high level of self-knowledge and awareness of gaps in one’s own skill set and abilities, and a motivation to fill them. There will be lots of self-directed learning as well as on-the-job training by an interdisciplinary team. You will have access to whatever online tutorials, textbooks, and reference materials you need.

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Data Analyst, Health

Boston, MA
Full Time

Published on 05/31/2019