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Nurse Practitioner (Family)


Who May Apply: Nurse Practitioner (Family)

Naval Hospital Jacksonville serves a single main purpose, to provide the highest level of care and treatment to all members of the armed services in need. The hospital is equipped to handle any sort of medical procedure and emergency both onsite and in the field. Navy doctors and corpsman operate a full medical program that is capable of treating all sailors and marines stationed in the surrounding area, civilian and Department of Defense employees, retired service members and dependents of active duty personnel. The men and women of Naval Hospital Jacksonville.

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Serves as a Family Nurse Practitioner at the Naval Branch Health Clinic providing a variety of health care services in an outpatient setting to adult and pediatric patients. This position requires an advanced level of competence in nursing and in providing primary health care. The scope of duties encompass primary and continuing care of adult and pediatric beneficiaries, including management of chronic illness, preventative health measures, and health education service



Assesses the physical and psychological health status of patients and/or their families through focused subjective and objective data through history taking, physical examination, review of records and communication with and through other health care providers and significant others. Perform and document physical assessment of each patient presenting for care in the Family Practice Clinic.

Evaluates implements, directs, and coordinates comprehensive patient care in the department using scientific and professional principles as a basis for all procedures performed. Obtains specimens and performs special tests and procedures while following appropriate guidelines and departmental protocol. Discriminates between normal and abnormal findings on the physical assessment, radiological studies and laboratory screening. Evaluates the assessment data and ancillary studies in order to make prospective decisions regarding care and treatment in collaboration with physicians and other health team members and institutes medical referrals as clinically indicated. Refers high risk, unstable, or extremely complex patients to the physician. Assesses need and institutes urgent care in order to stabilize patients in emergency conditions.

Formulate and document medical diagnoses and plan of care based on assessment findings. Document pertinent data obtained and instructions provided via telephone consults or patient encounter documentation per departmental and command guidelines. Ensures accurate and complete documentation of care provided by clinic personnel utilizing CHCS/ AHLTA electronic health record programs or other appropriate clinic and/or command generated and approved forms. Provides advice and/or screening by telephone and in person to determine nature and urgency of medical or behavioral health problems. Documents in the patient's electronic medical record all observations, plans, treatments, teaching, and other important findings.

Maintains liaison with clinic case manager and/or social worker, as well as other health care professionals and community referral services and uses these services as needed appropriately.

Identifies those components of the care plan which may be appropriately assigned or delegated to clinic personnel, with consideration of the difficulty and requirements of the assignment, as well as qualifications and competency level of the staff. Assur performance of personnel, with respect to amount and quality of care provided, meets established departmental and command standards.


Makes judgments about the use of medications and treatment, prescribing a variety of medications to patients based on the MTF formulary, using professional knowledge of nursing principles, practices, processes and established medical guidelines as approved by the Pharmacy and Therapeutics Committee. Provides counseling and instructions on the use, application, side effects and adverse reactions of medication. Initiate prescriptions for contraceptive methods, gynecological conditions, and other simple medical conditions as needed.


Educates patients and/or family in preparation for various tests/procedures, as well as preventive health care and/or home care. Provides physical and psychological support to patients; explains procedures and treatments to promote cooperation and understanding. Counsel and instruct clients in the use of contraceptive methods and management. Orients and provides training for new Health Care Providers, {Nurse Practitioners, Physician Assistant, Independent Duty Corpsmen), professional students and volunteers through formal and informal instruction. Conducts and documents staff education classes and in-services.


Assists in the initiation, development, and completion of quality assessment and performance Improvement programs. Implements and supports command policy and procedure protocols to maintain current standards of care.

Provide quality assurance for the health clinic. Participates in the hospital clinic Performance Improvement (Pl) initiatives set forth as required by command leadership.

  • Review medical records as needed.
  • Identify issues of quality related to health services to clinic beneficiaries.
  • Offer suggestions for improving quality of care given to patients.
  • Actively participate in clinic staff/departmental meetings as required to r main current in departmental policies and procedures and to communicate new ideas

  • Performs other duties as assigned.

    Nurse Practitioner (Family)

    Jacksonville, FL
    Full Time

    Published on 04/18/2021

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