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About the Position:

We are currently offering a rewarding opportunity as an Optometrist at Carl R. Darnell Army Medical Center (CRDAMC), Ft. Hood, TX - Working as a Civilian employed provider.

Location Highlights:

  • Ft Hood is nicknamed The Great Place because of the quality of life the post and area offer Soldiers and their families.
  • Ft Hood covers a total of 340 sq miles and rests in the beautiful hill and lake' country of Central Texas, between Killeen and Copperas Cove.
  • For those who enjoy the outdoors, Ft Hood is the ideal location because of warm winters and hot summers.
  • The nearby lakes, Belton and Stillhouse, offer year round outdoor recreation activities.

Medical malpractice liability insurance is not required for federal civilian healthcare providers as they are covered by the Federal Tort Claims Act (28 U.S.C. ยง 1346(b)) while acting within the scope of their employment.


Receives general supervision from the Director of the Ophthalmology and Refractive Surgery Service, who: (1) outlines broad policies with incumbent guided by standard optometric practices, manuals, bulletins, and professional texts; and (2) reviews accomplishments in terms of adequate provision of services. Work hours may vary depending on mission requirements. Prolonged standing and/or sitting are required when performing examinations as well as moderate walking. The purpose of this position is to serve as a primary eye care provider, providing the full
range of professional optometric services to qualified military and civilian personnel, with greater emphasis on refractive surgery patients to include pre and post-operative evaluations and management, and on therapeutic pharmaceutical agents, medical contact lens specialist, and as a primary care agent, identifies systemic problems in addition to visual/ocular problems. Refers to the staff ophthalmologist appropriate cases involving ocular pathology and injury as required by credentials. Follows quiescent and slowly progressive ocular conditions as long as no medical or
surgical intervention is indicated. Issues eye profiles due to visual limitations. Refers patients who require the services of other specialists to the appropriate clinic for further evaluation. Initiates prescriptions for optical devices, visual training, therapeutic pharmaceutical agents, or any approved treatment currently accepted by the Surgeon General and local MEDDAC policy for proper patient therapy. Orders appropriate laboratory tests and x-rays.

Instructs, teaches, and guides student optometric interns in all area of clinical optometry. Participates in the Inservice Professional Development Seminars. Maintains constant and continuing contacts with all levels of the hospital staff and the staff of other health clinic units in the performance of these duties. Work requires knowledge and understanding of advanced optometric procedures and instrumentation techniques and their applications in the detection and correction of unusual visual deficiencies (i.e., cycloplegic and manifest refraction, biomicroscopy, direct and binocular indirect opthaolmoscopy). Also requires a basic understanding of pharmacodynamics of commonly used diagnostic and therapeutic drugs.

1. Provides a variety of optometric services:

Examines, diagnoses, manages, and treats a full range of eye and visual problems and ocular diseases, to include the application of advanced instrumentation, optometric procedures and techniques, with an emphasis on therapeutic/diagnostic pharmaceutical drugs in the care of visual and ocular anomalies. Treats cases involving ocular pathology and injury in accordance with approved credentialing by the MEDDAC credentials committees.

Performs comprehensive and limited visual and ocular examination of all types of patients to include but not limited to contact lens patients, and patients who work in eye hazardous occupations. Also provides the proper diagnosis, management, and treatment of all patients that are within the scope of optometric practice.

Diagnoses and treats any visual anomaly and specified pathologic conditions of the ocular adnexa and the eye. Performs a wide range or tests to include use of refractor, retinoscopy, trial lens, peripheral and central visual fields, color perception, neuromuscular balance, binocular vision, depth perception, intraocular tension, ductions, versions, amplitudes of accommodation, phorias, dynamic retinoscopy, aniseikonic procedures, biomicroscopy, gonioscopy, direct and indirect ophthalmoscopic fundus evaluation, pupillary reflexes or other diagnostic tests for neuro-ocular impairment, exophthalmometry, use of diagnostic drugs or any clinically approved method for the evaluation of the visual system. Evaluates and performs all necessary tests that deal with the eye portion of all types of physical exams, to include DODMERB physicals.

Provides eye and vision consultative services to the medical staff and others as needed. This involves serving as an authoritative source of information in the areas of eyes, vision, and military optometry. Refers patients for consultation to other health care providers when appropriate. Independently manages and treats conditions and diseases that are within the optometric scope of practice. This includes the use of and prescribing of therapeutic drugs.

Provides special and advanced optometric evaluation, management and treatment as needed in the following areas: contact lenses, visual fields, low vision, vision training, ocular photography both internal and external laser. Treats minor pathology of the eye and adnexa using therapeutic drugs. Some visual/ocular irregularities are a result of systemic cause (e.g., diabetes, high blood pressure) and incumbent must recognize and refer patient for appropriate medical treatment. Conducts screening programs using such devices as the autorefractor, Armed Forces Vision Tester, and the electronic non-contact tonometer.

Diagnoses conditions through the analysis of test results, medical and previous eye history, occupational needs, and the effect of the environment on the eyes. Delivers contact lens care through the use of all types of contact lenses; evaluates the effects of these lenses on the eye and determines the risk/benefit ratio for each contact lens patient. Prescribes appropriate visual training regimes for home use and conducts appropriate follow up examinations to determine efficacy of the treatment. Possesses the necessary skills and knowledge in refractive eye surgery to provide pre and post operative eye care.

Understands and adheres to the Army Refractive Surgery policies and regulations. Consults with surgeon as indicated and appropriate.

2. Performs related administrative duties:

Monitors the maintenance of ophthalmic equipment and instruments. Initiates request for needed replacement and new equipment IAW hospital policy. Advises patients about reading habits, posture, lighting, and other matters pertaining to ocular hygiene. Makes reports, as requested, for drivers, pilots, students, and others. Annotates patient records, physical. examination forms, copies of correspondence, and all other data pertaining to individual cases to be placed in the patient's records. Manages data and information that deals with the Optometry Service mission to include the writing of memorandums, letters, and reports.

3. Research:

Under the direct supervision of the Director, initiates, performs, and conducts research and projects for the Ophthalmology and Refractive Surgery Service. Includes the initiation of all required background investigation, research funding applications, study protocols, institutional review board requirements, monitoring, writing and submission for publication.



US Citizenship required

Must meet credentialing and privileging requirements.

Valid, unrestricted state Optometry license

This position has a mandatory seasonal influenza vaccination requirement and is
therefore subject to annual seasonal influenza vaccinations. Applicants tentatively
selected for appointment to this position will be required to sign a statement
(Condition of Employment) consenting to seasonal influenza vaccinations.


Fort Hood, TX 76544
Full Time

Published on 05/10/2021

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