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An Overview 


It's all about helping jobseekers find the career they love


Job Creator

Easily create job postings for recruiter via URL, PDF upload or a convenient template. We give you the option to adapt the taxonomy for job postings to the requirements of your niche.

Job Browser

We find suitable jobs for qualfied healthcare professionals. The integrated Faceted Search Technology enables an easy search and view of jobs. Applicants can bookmark their top jobs to view them later.

Job Agent

Are your applicants bored with the daily job search? Through the site, they can subscribe to personalized search requests. The JobAgent or job retriever will inform the applicant automatically and periodically about new relevant job openings.


Once registered, Applicants have access to their own dashboard. Here they can keep track of their recent applications, see if their resume was viewed,  manage their resume, keep track of favorite jobs and even add a picture if they would like.

The unique search functionality of our site allows candidates to find jobs by location, as well as by company. The site also allows them to view company profile pages, making them more familiar with whom they are applying. They can also book mark jobs to go back to, later, when it is more convenient to apply.

Applicants can also subscribe to job alerts based on location and occupation, so they are informed when the right job comes along.


Use our job board and receive an efficient marketing platform! Public company profiles give a special competitive advantage and allow the company to strengthen their brand and to advertise jobs. Company profiles are proven to yield better exposure and more hires.

The optimized search functionality of our platform supports applicants in their search for a company they might want to work for. Job seekers gain the possibility to find  those companies, which fit their expectations for the type of employment they desire. Find interesting companies and learn more about their job offers!

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The dashboard is the ideal entry point to the job portal for applicants. Job seekers are lead through the application process and keep the overview through the compact dashboard. Your applicants are always informed and know which steps they have to take to get to a successful application.

The dashboard provides a list of the latest information and notifications, relevant to recruiters. It offers the fastest access to the job management, to the job company profile, to the application tracking system and to the invoices.



Apply Online

We’ve developed a flexible applicant tracking solution which can be customised to fit your strategy. When applicants apply for jobs, recruiters will get an email notification which helps them immediately access the applicant’s resumé. Recruiters and applicants are able to track the status of their responses and applications.

Resume Database

Candidates can join the resume database and allow access to their information where interested companies or pre-defined niche groups can contact them directly. Our unique technology allows candidates to keep track of their favorite companies or groups, and also allows recruiters to keep in touch and engage with a pool of potential candidates to recruit from when required.


Optimize engagement by sending emails to specific groups on our job board platform.  We have over 5 million healthcare contacts that we can send your newsletter to or any html message.  Send to select groups. Inform jobseekers about upcoming hiring events and increase engagement with new applicants by emailing them with new information. Reports allow you to track your engagement and efficiency.

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